Beyond This Side Up Labels: The Remarkable Benefits of Tip and Tell Monitoring

Beyond This Side Up Labels The Remarkable Benefits of Tip and Tell Tilt Monitoring

A tip and tell indicator looks similar with this side up label, with all keep-upright arrows and extremely conspicuous on shipment. However, they both play very different roles in a shipment.

This side up labels are instructions placed on packages to inform handlers that the package should be kept in an upright position during transit which is a conventional method to communicate handling instructions and precautions to handlers. They serve as a basic form of guidance, alerting handlers to the fragile or hazardous nature of the cargo. However, they have their limitations.

While warning labels can provide general information, they often lack specificity. Handlers may not fully understand the degree of care required, leading to accidents. Moreover, labels can deteriorate over time, become illegible, or get removed accidentally. In some cases, handlers may become desensitized to repetitive warning labels.

Why do you need Tip and Tell monitoring indicators but also this side up labels?

Impact Indicator 2, the profession, points out that the true costs of damaged products lead to various problems, such as Additional Costs, Increased Prices, Impact of Sustainability, Destroying the Company’s Image, Legal Problems, and Reduction in Sales.

“Is there any method to prevent tilt damage?”

Yes, TiltMonitor tip and tell indicator can help.

Why do you need Tip and Tell monitoring indicators more than this side up labels

Tilt monitoring devices are attached to show in real-time if a cargo experiences excessive tilting. This immediate feedback allows for corrective actions to be taken, preventing potential accidents. Such proactive measures can prevent an item from being accepted by the client or from being put into production, weakening internal components and failure.

TiltMonitor can be stuck to shipping containers with effortless. These indicators are typically used in the shipping or transportation of fragile or sensitive goods. They allow for proactive measures to be taken if a package is mishandled, such as additional packaging or handling instructions to ensure the contents remain intact. The devices find applications in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and consumer electronics.

Moreover, most handlers always prevent indicator activation in case of getting into trouble themself. As a result, the tip and tell indicators have been proven to reduce mishandling by 60% or more.

Ensuring Product Quality

Tilt monitoring not only safeguards cargo but also ensures that products arrive in the same condition they were shipped. For industries like pharmaceuticals and electronics, where product quality is paramount, monitoring is indispensable.

Reducing Liability

Accidents and damages during shipping can result in costly legal disputes. The devices can serve as evidence in legal cases, potentially reducing liability and protecting the interests of all parties involved.

Cost-Effective Solutions

While the initial investment in tilt monitoring may seem significant, its long-term benefits far outweigh the cost. The savings from accident prevention, reduced damages, and improved cargo handling efficiency make them a cost-effective solution.

Tip N Tell feedback 1

Protect Your Assets with Tip And Tell Indicator

“Can we use it? Should we inspect it first?” When receiving cargo, project engineers and warehouse managers worldwide should have those two questions at the top of their minds. Knowing the answer helps them decide whether to devote staff, time, and resources to inspections or whether the products can start production right away.

Protect Your Assets with Tip And Tell Indicator

If you are shipping items that are sensitive to orientation and must be kept upright at all times, a keep upright label is important, however, a tilt monitoring indicator is crucial in case of mishandling in terms of tilt can damage the contents.

If you are concerned about how a package is handled during transit in a broader sense, particularly if it could be tipped or jostled without damaging the contents, then tip and tell monitoring indicators may be more important. They provide real-time data on how the package is being handled throughout the journey, allowing you to take corrective actions if necessary.

TiltMonitor tip and tell indicator can help protect your shipments and improve your bottom line

In summary, the importance of either TiltMonitor tilt indicators or keep upright labels depends on the specific needs of the items being shipped and the level of sensitivity to handling conditions. Both serve different but valuable purposes in ensuring the safe transportation of goods.

Simply stick tip and tell indicators on the package on shipping containers or components before it’s shipped, which is easy to use as same as this side up labels.

Contact us today to learn more about how TiltMonitor tip and tell indicator can help protect your shipments and improve your bottom line.