Tip N Tell v/s TiltMonitor™: Compared Tip and Tell Damage Indicator

Tip N Tell vs TiltMonitor™ Compared Tip and Tell Damage Indicator

Tip N Tell is a plastic shipping indicator primarily used to determine damage whether or not products that must remain upright throughout transportation have been tilted. The arrow point of Tip N Tell indicator will be blue when the indicator is tilted in a plane. This color change is permanent, indicating that our items have been tilted during shipment. The consignee must open the package and inspect the contents as soon as they notice any shipping signs.

Tip N Tell consists of a viscous window, a predetermined angle slope, and tinted blue powder. When the cargo is tilted, the blue powder inside will rush to the center window and slide along the angle slope while remaining stuck to the sticky window. Whether the cargo has been tilted can be determined by the user.

If you notice, more and more tip-and-tell indicators are launched to the markets, and TiltMonitor is one of them.

Tip N Tell v/s TiltMonitor™

The Tip N Tell tilt indicator is a powder-based product made in the US by Index Packaging. The Tip N Tell manufacturer, Index Packaging, accepts cobranding service so some patterns may be different. There are red and white Tip N Tell in product range.

What are the differences between clear and red Tip N Tell?

Tip N Tell IndicatorTip N Tell Clear While

If you’ve been in the packaging industry for over 30 years, you must understand RED Tip N Tell damage indicator is the origin in which it has been sold for over 50+ years. Color is surely not the only difference, but also everything lighter in clear Tip N Tell, such as plastic housing, activation pin, size, and printing, which makes the world more eco-friendly, however, price remains the same.

As for TiltMonitor™, there is one type at the moment, which the function is as same as Tip N Tell while activation, patterns and dimensions are a little different. However, if clients would like to replace Tip N Tell with TiltMonitor™, there are no problems in any aspect.

Tip and Tell Indicator series

Tip N Tell IndicatorTip N Tell Clear Whiletiltmonitor tip n tell
ItemTip N TellTip N Tell (clear)TiltMonitor™
Dimension(mm)97 x 70.8 x 2.595.2 x 69.7 x 3.497.85 x 70.65 x 3.32
PinMetalThick PlasticThin Flat Plastic
Serial NumberYes
Scan TypeQR code

How to Use Tip N Tell Indicator Label & TiltMonitor?

The tip and tell indicator is activated by pulling the pin in the center of the device with an arrow pointing up. Do not tip the indicators during activation and mounting. Attach it to either your product or shipping container by removing the liner on the back to expose the adhesive. Then attach the warning label next to the indicator and bill of lading. Repeat the same steps and attach another one to the adjacent side.

TiltMonitor has the same activation instructions as Tip N Tell indicators. Refer to here. Record the serial number and/or scan the QR code. If you have questions about replacement with 2 brands, please contact the technical team.

tiltmonitor tip n tell indicator Instruction

Tip N Tell indicator and TiltMonitor are applicable for all industries, especially for equipment shipped in containers vertically. However, if your shipment is curved sides like a barreled one, Tip N Tell cannot be attached because it’s one-place detection.

Amazon is the best place to purchase it, with fast delivery and convenient transactions. However, packaging wholesalers or local distributors provide more favorable Tip N Tell price than E-commerce.


What is a tip and tell?

Tip-N-Tell is a leading damage indication device that provides the user with a visual indication (a blue arrowhead) when the package has been tipped over in transit or handling.

How does Tip-N-Tell work?

The Tip-N-Tell is a Brightly Colored Device that Permanently Changes Color in a shaped arrow window, when shipment/parcel is tipped or mishandled during Shiping & Product Handlers quickly recognize it. It includes a system of labels that warns all handlers of a monitoring device.

What happens when the top arrow turns blue?

It indicates that the package has been tipped and possible damage has occurred. Do not refuse the goods and inspect the shipment.

Can the Tip-N-Tell Indicator be used for heavy tools transportation?

Yes, it is extremely useful for the transportation of heavy tools and other heavy items.

Is it simple to activate the Tip-N-Tell Indicator?

Yes, it is very simple to activate by just pulling the bar/pin in the center of the device.

What is the price for Tip N Tell and TiltMonitor?

Please contact the local sales or fill out the form to get more details.